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the trading post was shut down due spammers and non-members, signing up for accounts and creating posts that had nothing to do with guitars/music etc.

so the moderators killed it

It's ok to post such adds on this forum  there's just no dedicated space for it

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Thanks folks.  I’d like to trade my 2017 Hummingbird Vintage for a baked top J-185, either a J-185 Vintage or one of the new  52 reissues— seem to be the same guitar.

My Bird is the best I’ve ever had or played, and there are some folks on here that know that I’ve had some great birds.  Specs etc are on AGF for sale discussion group.

Here’s a soundclip. iphone voice memo made, so sorry about the quality


My Fairbanks Kal Gal SJ gives me everything I get from the bird, so the Bird is a little redundant for me (song selection-wise).  i’ve been coveting one of those J-185’s since I played one at Parkway Guitars in NY.

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2 hours ago, Salfromchatham said:

I have sold to nid007, and bought from 007.

as a matter of fact I sold him a 2016 Hummingbird Vintage, and I bought from him a Hummingbird TV.

small world.


alls I’ll say is deal confidently. He is a gentleman worthy of the guitars he plays.

thanks Sal! 

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Hi, not sure I understand your plan or the reason behind it, but good luck. 


                                                                                                                                                                                                 Watch out for that simple twist of fate. . .

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