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In reality, I've had it for a couple of weeks, It's a Supro Delta King 8 and I took it to the band rehearsal last night and wow, with the boost switch turned on it sounds incredible.

I had to buy a used one because here in the UK they are like Hen's teeth, I couldn't find a new one but the one I did get is in mint condition.  I like it so much I'm seriously considering selling my Blues Junior and getting one of the larger Supros.

It's only one watt but it was more than powerful enough for band practice (we don't have a live drummer) but sadly I don't think it's powerful enough for gigs.  I love the simplicity of it, just a volume, tone, master volume and the aforementioned boost button.

This is the second one-watt amp I've bought, the other was a Marshall  DLS1C (it's a weight thing having to carry it into the Church hall where we practice) but that was truly awful, if you turned up the gain it sounded like a swarm of angry Bees.


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A little 1 Watt can come in handy.. Hang on to it if it sounds great! I can definitely see getting a bigger one.. 10-15 Watt would be good for most situations.. 

I played a couple Supro’s recently. I think one was 10 Watts & the other was 15 Watts.. Both were used.. I was surprised & impressed! I liked them a lot.. I almost bought the 10 Watt.. But, I already have too many Amps & nowhere to put another… I wouldn’t mind having one though..

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I have the Delta King 10, which I believe is 5 watts. It has treble, bass, reverb, volume and master volume with a gain switch and the boost switch.

I love it, just an overall great sounding amp that occupies such a small amount of space. It's been forever since I've played out, but the places we played were bars and small venues, I imagine it would've been alright. I seem to remember our amps were always mic'd and run through a sound system.



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