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Which Epi headstock tuner hole layout matches Gibson Les Paul and SG ?


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This question is for the Epiphone and Gibson owners.

Trying to find which Epiphone LP or SG would fit the tuner holes on the Min-ETune (Tronical Type A) that came with the 2010's Gibson Les Paul.

Is there any Epiphone Les Paul or SG headstock with the same tuner hole physical layout  and spacing on the headstock as the Gibsons listed below?




Gibson Les Paul 

    1976 Les Paul Standard Series
     Billy Gibbons Goldtop Pinstripe
     Gary Moor Les Paul Series
     Halcyon Les Paul Series
     HD 6X Pro Sereis
     Les Paul Axess Series
     Les Paul BFG Series
     Les Paul Classic Series (since 2008)
     Les Paul Faded Series (since 2008)
     Les Paul Goddess Series
     Les Paul Junior Double Cut Series
     Les Paul Junior Series (since 2008)
     Les Paul Junior Single Cut Series
     Les Paul Menace Series
     Les Paul Music City Jr. B-Bender
     Les Paul Robot Series (made 2008)
     Les Paul Special Humbucker Series
     Les Paul Special Single Cut Series
     Les Paul Standard Series (since 2008)
     Les Paul Studio 50s Tribute 2013
     Les Paul Studio Plus Series
     Les Paul Studio Series (since 2008)
     Les Paul Swirl Series
     Les Paul Traditional Series (since 2008)
     Les Paul Tribute Series (since 2008)
     Nighthawk Studio
     TAWCH 2013 Les Paul Series

Gibson SG

    Angus Young SG Series
     Derek Trucks SG Series
     SG 3 USA Bigby
     SG Faded Series (since 2008)
     SG Futura Series
     SG Raw Power Series
     SG Special Series (since 2008)
     SG Standard Series (since 2008)









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