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Original Gibson custom case stinking changed with a new one , but ........

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Hello there American friends at end of the day i realised  that in order  to avoid my guitar getting  completely impregnated with the  not pleasant  -for my own taste -odour of the original case  i dedided  that it was the right choice  to change it completely and i d say that with the black plush interior of the new one  things have improved a lot and my beloved guitar seems to have gained  the fragrance that  i wanted it to have like my other guitars  have ,   there's one "but"  tho'  , i have bought  this case ;


which looks like to fit  better   the guitar in , the only fear  that i have is about  the whammy bar rest  when i close  the case ,is this the right position for it  when it comes to close  the case ?  as far as i can see  there's seems to be no contact  between the upper side of the case which has a kind of ledge just right before the whammy bar , the case locks up well withouth effort  and the morbid ledge of the case over   the bridge  seems to get in contact in a minimal way with whammy just when it is completely closed  , indeed it has taken  its form ,  is there any danger  for it ?  what do you make of that ? 


this is its original case which i kept open as far as i possibly can  and  it has improved  yep , but  i believe that kind of fabric that they made  to store custom shop guitars is not good at all .



Cheers  !   and  Forza America ! 

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Its difficult to tell if something is stressed inside a case once its closed isn't it?

It sounds like it should not be a problem from your description of closing the case. If you feel no excess resistance when closing the lid its probably ok. 

Hopefully someone with a Firebird + whammy can chime in here at settle this for certain. 

Does the whammy bar come off easily? I used to keep them in the accessory pocket during transport.

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well it doesn't come off easily  i mean on this model you have to unscrew the screw  which is kept and regulated  by a nut under it , for that reason is much more convenient keeping it together .


ciao  Evans   from beautiful England !  😉

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Like Evans said it's probably okay since the lid closes easily. Just keep an eye on the fabric to see if the shape has any stress areas. Do you transport it often, or just to keep the guitar safe at home?

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Sounds like the new case is doing it's job.  The fact that there is an indent in the material where the bar sits when the case is closed is as it should be.  After all the case is meant to protect the guitar, not the other way around 👍.

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On 7/4/2023 at 5:25 AM, eclecticsynergy said:

Jumping in kinda late here, but you might try ozone for deodorizing the original case.

Nowadays very small USB-powered ozone generators are available for $20-30.

Safety of the nitro was part of the problem  (before this thread). Ozone could affect the finish. 

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