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I'm a bit of a stranger in these parts but want to let all you UK members know of this event. I've cut and pasted a posting I made recently on the Acoustic Forum, where this started.


If you'd like to join in, you are very welcome. Just pm me and I'll add you to the mailing list.




The event will be held on Tuesday 9 June 2009 between 12.00 midday and 18.00 at the Gibson Showrooms in Rathbone St, London, W1.


Gibson have very kindly allowed us to use a large room which will be equipped with some back line amps and some guitars. There will be plenty of space.


Robbie Gladwell, luthier, teacher, musician and Gibson repair man will be conducting a clinic, answering questions on setup, techniques and anything else that may crop up.


Jinder has kindly volunteered to do a session on songwriting - I understand he can play and sing a bit as well - we'll see!


There are a couple of other sessions/presentations that are still subject to confirmation so watch this space.


We will also have time for an open mic session, for those of us who wish to make a fool of ourselves. Have a go if you wish but this is not a condition of entry. I will try to organise a running order for this nearer the time. Please note the open mic has to be duets at most. No drums or bass I'm afraid as the building is multi-occupancy and Gibson have to be symapthetic to their fellow tenants.


Robbie will be bringing a Bose PA for us to use and if we have some solid body players who wish to plug in, there will be a selection of Epi valve amps to use. Mics, stands etc will also be on hand.


So bring just your guitar!


Johnt and I have several more issues to deal with but I hope this gives you a flavour.


There will be a cost. £10.


There will be some expenses for security and refreshments and other things that are required by Gibson's insurers. We'd like to make a contribution to Robbie's costs as well. Bring cash and I shall be collecting said tenners at the pub up the road from around 11.30 (opening time) because Gibson are not allowed to charge people on the premises.


This IS open to electric members but please note the open mic restrictions.


The other point to note now is that, whilst they have a fab collection of guitars in their office, they will be working so unfortunately we won't be able to wander about. I hope to get a selection in our room for oggling purposes - particularly that j185-12!!


John and I want this to be a social event more than anything else and hopefully we can make this an annual event with Gibson in the future (i.e. get something in their marketing budget for next year!!)


We'll gladly take questions but in the meantime please PM me or John to let us know if you would like to come along, so we can guage numbers. Forum members (of all persausions) will get priority but we hope we might open it up further nearer the date.

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