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Completely off the wall questions for our UK friends...


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In fairness, these questions could be directed at anyone familiar with the song/artist, but since he's from Ireland I'm guessing some of our UK friends might have answers.


The song "The Creel" by Paul Brady....


There is a line repeated that sounds like some type of Gaelic. Is there a translation?


(cough) Um... did the singer have 'relations' with the mother, daughter, or both? The lyrics are ambiguous.


From a cultural (musical) standpoint, is there much common ground between England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland? Or is it a bit territorial?


I suppose me asking those questions is much like someone from India asking me to explain "got my mojo working" and also asking if there's any animosity between Piedmont and Delta Blues, but I thought I'd throw it out there and see what I get for responses.

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As I roved out on a moonlit night excitement for to find,

I met on the way with a pretty little girl and I asked her to be mine.


With me tour aye ah, fodder iddle dah, me tour aye ah I'd fodder diddle dan till ine do.


"How can I get to your fathers house, how can I get to your bed?"

"Oh my father locks the door at night and the keys lie under his head".


"If you get a ladder 30 foot, 30 foot and 3,

and place it up to the chimney pot, come down in the creel to me".


So I got me a ladder thirty foot, 30 foot and 3

and placed it up to the chimnery pot and down in the creel came me.


But the oul one she being still awake heard something that was said.

"Ah lay me life" said the silly old wife "there's a man in me daughter's bed!"


The old man, he got out of bed for to see if it was true,

but she's pushed me down with her lily white arms and under the coverlet blue.


"Where are you going, father dear, where are you going so late?

You've disturbed me at me evening prayers and oh but they were sweet".


"But the devil take you silly old wife and an ill death may you die.

For your daughters lying with a book in her arms and she's praying for you and I".


But the oul one she being still awake when something else was said.

"You can say what you like you silly old fool, there's a man in your daughter's bed"


No rest nor peace could the old one get but she got up to see.

But her foot gave a shot to the chamber pot and into the creel fell she.


"Rise and help me, husband dear, rise and help me now.

For the one that you wished me to, I fear he has me now".


"Well the hold he's got I hope he keeps and never lets it go,

for between yourself and your daughter dear it's time for the cock to crow".


Well I rocked her up and I rocked her down and I gave her a great downfall.

Till every rib in the old woman's side made knick knack against the wall.


And so the blue, the bonny blue and may the blue do well,

and every old woman that'd refuse her daughter be a rock in the creel to hell

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First off, good to see you back Thermionik!


KSD, despite my mother being Irish and my father half Irish, I'm ashamed to say, I haven't got a clue.


But I can say that the Scots, Welsh and Irish are united in being from Celtic stock in the main, and their common loathing of most things English - especially when it comes to rugby - ask any welshman who he supports and he'll tell you 2 teams, Wales and anyone who's playing against England.


I'm always torn when Ireland play England in the Six Nations.


The other point to note here is that having "relations" with one's sister and/or mother is probably tolerated rather than encouraged in many parts of the UK and Ireland. I cannot speak of parts of Kent and Lincolnshire though! Best to drive through those counties as fast as legally allowed!

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He ain't back, Butch. It's just that ksd is what the Mandelbrott people call a strange attractor, and the lyric had to be explained to maintain the balance of the universe, so he was forced to do it. But he only has two lives left now before 999 comes at him again, and he must use them wisely, for so it is written.


Now beat it, punk. There's elves and trolls need slapping.....

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