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Dating my 1940s LG-3 (possibly 1942??)

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I have an LG-3 I picked up about 15 years ago. At the time, the dealer told me it was a 1947. I've just had some work on it, and the luthier thinks it's older. Given that LG-3s were not made during the war, I guess that might mean it's a 1942?

It's been played a lot in its time. And had some work done on it here and there (I know the tuners and pickguard have been replaced, for example). 

I've uploaded one pic for now; the rest are too big, so I need to make them smaller, so will follow.

NB - When I bought the guitar, it had no Gibson logo on the headstock  (or black finish, for that matter). It was just plain natural wood. I had it unbranded for 15 years, but recently had a Gibson logo put onto it. However, unable to find someone here in the UK where I live to recreate the OG banner style logo, I have given it a (very inauthentic for the model/year) mother-of-pearl pre-war Gibson logo fixed into a black wooden plate - apologies if that offends!




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