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Your complete list of guitars?


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To the best of my recollection (not as easy for us middle age members), here's all the guitars I've owned to date:


1. '70's Univox (Semi-hollow) Sunburst

2. '80 Memphis. White

3. '79 Applause (Acoustic) Sunburst

4. '81 Les Paul Copy. Goldburst

5. '85 Viper III. Brown

6. '86 Fender Mexican Stratocaster. Black

7. '65 Harmony Rocket (Hollow body) Redburst

8. '70's Epiphone (Acoustic)

9. '78 Dobro. (Nickel plated brass)

10. '98 Gretsch (Semi-hollow) Mint green

11. '95 Oscar Schmidt (Acoustic)

12. '06 Martin DM (Acoustic)

13. '07 Martin DR (Acoustic)

14. '07 Gibson SG. Heritage Cherry

15. '78 Gibson SG. Satin Walnut

16. '07 Epiphone ZW LP Custom. Bullseye

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'79 Hondo 2 LP Custom copy. - Horrible thing with a gap between the body and pressed out top which I filled with bathroom sealant.


'79 Gibson "The SG" - Very well made guitar with nice walnut figure and awesome ebony board.


Columbus Strat copy - Amazing sound for something so cheap. (laminated mahogany body like the 'pancake' era Les Pauls). With a Dimarzio at the bridge, it had that early EVH sound.


Washburn G5V - Fitted with a Wonderbar trem. Plywood body and horrible (was given it).


'80 Gibson LP Custom - The guitar I always wanted. I piece body, (unmolested by random drill / body incidents) maple neck, ebony board etc.


Mid '60s Teisco - Plywood body and sounds amazing (ah, even the plywood was better in those days....)


1999 Fender Jap Strat - '50s reissue with V neck. Basswood body. So strong I could paddle a canoe with it, and it would still be in tune when I get out.


1970s B+M (Yairi) Steel strung acoustic.


Electric made from mountain bike frame.


Aluminium lap steel with Dimarzio.


1959 Watkins Rapier 22.

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2006 Gibson SG Standard, Heritage Cherry, with 57 Classic installed in the bridge


Fender Stratocaster, don't know what year, sunburst, Floyd Rose Trem.


2008 Ibanez Artcore, with two SD Custom Custom Alnico II pickups, really nice, deep emerald green finish


2008 Gretsch Electromatic Duo Jet, Black, with a Bigsby Tremelo


Black Yamaha 6-string acoustic


Yamaha classical guitar

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In purchase order:


....1. 1967 Harmony Silhouette Bobkat Holiday H15 (6string electric)

....2. 1969 Harmony Stella H929 (6string acoustic)

....3. 1972 Epiphone "Bard" FT-165 (12string acoustic)

....4. 1970 Yamaha FG-75 (6string acoustic)

....5. 1965 Gibson Melody Maker (single pup, trem)

*..6. 1973 Yamaha G-55A (6string classical)

*..7. 1965 Gibson Melody Maker (modded to 3 pups, trem setup)

....8. 1982 Takamine F385 (12string acoustic)

*10. 1997 Guild C-700 Stuart (6string jazz archtop)

*11. 1998 Martin D-45VR (6string acoustic)

*12. 2007 Guild F412 (12 string acoustic)

*13. 2008 Gibson Robot SG Special Ltd Edition

*14. 2007 Taylor NS74-CE (6 nylon string acoustic)

*15. 2008 Gibson Les Paul Push Tone

*16. 2009 Epiphone Les Paul Ultra II


* Guitars I currently own

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It's quite extensive...And let me add I've had endorsements with Fernandes, Dean, and B.C. Rich, so 90% of those were free or cost...The others...well....It pays to work at a music store and not pay full price...haha



Gibson Les Paul Custom (Black) w/ Seymour Duncan JB and Jazz

Gibson V.O.S. Slash Signature Les Paul

Gibson Slash Les Paul Standard

Gibson Slash Custom Shop Signature Les Paul

Gibson Zakk Wylde Flying V Custom

Gibson Les Paul Standard Plus (Light Burst) w/ Seymour Duncan JB and Jazz

Gibson Les Paul Classic Premium Plus (Heritage Cherry) w/ Seymour Duncan "Custom Custom" and '59

Gibson Les Paul Classic (Gold Top) w/ Seymour Duncan Alnico II's

Gibson Les Paul Classic (Black) w/ Seymour Duncan "Custom Custom" and '59

Gibson Les Paul Standard (Amber) w/ Seymour Duncan JB and Jazz

Gibson Les Paul Standard (Desert Burst) w/ Seymour Duncan Alnico II's

Gibson Gothic Les Paul w/ Seymour Duncan JB and Jazz

Gibson Firebird V (Classic White)

Gibson EDS-1275 Double Neck (Cherry)

Epiphone Slash Signature Les Paul w/ Seymour Duncan JB and Jazz

Epiphone Zakk Wylde Signature Les Paul

Epiphone Ace Frehley Signature Les Paul

Epiphone G-1275 w/ Seymour Duncan JB and Jazz (in the 6 string neck)

Epiphone G-400



B.C. Rich Mockingbird Supreme (Stain Black) w/ Original Floyd Rose and Seymour Duncan JB and Jazz

B.C. Rich Mockingbird SL (Pagan Gold) w/ Seymour Duncan Alnico II's and Active Electronics

B.C. Rich Mockingbird Deluxe (Black) w/ Seymour Duncan JB

B.C. Rich NJ Classic Series Mockingbird w/ Original Floyd Rose and Seymour Duncan JB and Jazz

B.C. Rich Acrylic Series Mockingbird w/ Seymour Duncan Distortion (Green)

B.C. Rich Deluxe Series V w/ Seymour Duncan Blackouts

B.C. Rich Deluxe Series Warlock (Black) w/ Seymour Duncan JB and Jazz

B.C. Rich Deluxe Series Warlock (Black w/ Silver Bevels)

B.C. Rich NJ Series Warlock (Transparent Blue)

B.C. Rich Special Edition Warlock (Pearl) w/ Original Floyd Rose and Seymour Duncan JB and Jazz



Ibanez UV777

Ibanez RG1527

Ibanez RG7621

Ibanez IC-350



Dean 79 V (White) - Modified with Seymour Duncan JB and '59 Pickups

Dean Razorback Explosion

Dean Dime-O-Flame

Dean Far Beyond Driven Tribute ML



Fernandes Custom Ravelle Deluxe (Black)

Fernandes Custom Ravelle Deluxe (Ivory)

(Both Custom Ravelle models have a Hipshot GT1 Guitar Extender)

Fernandes Dragonfly Elite (from '98 in Gun Metal Blue) w/ Original Floyd Rose and Seymour Duncan "Custom Custom" pickup

Fernandes Customized Vertigo Deluxe w/ Original Floyd Rose and Seymour Duncan JB and Jazz pickups

Fernandes Customized Native Standard w/ Original Floyd Rose and Seymour Duncan "Custom Custom' and '59 pickups

Fernandes Monterey (TV Yellow) w/ Seymour Duncan Livewire

Fernandes Monrerey (Black)

Fernandes Marilyn Manson Monterey Prototype (Black)



Fender Highway One Strat w/ Original Floyd Rose

Fender Highway One Tele

Fender Standard HSS Strat w/ Original Floyd Rose



Moser Custom Shop Bastard BVi-T w/ Seymour Duncan Blackouts

Washburn Dime 333 (Dime Slime)

OLP Double Neck

Custom Made Ibanez RG 7 String Copy w/ Seymour Duncan JB and Jazz

Custom Made "No Name" Guitar

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Year - Brand - Model - Price Paid - Year Acquired)

1966 Victoria Acoustic ($15) 1966

1968 JC Penney's ES330 clone ($120) 1968

1965 Gibson ES-330 ($200) 1969

1961 Gibson SG Special ($200) 1970

1963 Gibson Melody Maker ($60) 1973

1974 Ovation Celebrity Acoustic Electric ($500) 1974

1973 Hohner P-Bass clone ($175) 1973

1961 Fender Stratocaster ($250) 1975

1973 Gibson Les Paul Standard ($525) 1975

1975 DynElectron Longhorn (Swedish Danelectro clone) ($175) 1976

1977 Fender Strat ( $400) 1979

1980 Ario Pro II w/ Floyd ( $150) 1980

1981 Ario Pro II Buzzy Feiten Model( $180) 1982

1966 Fender Electric XII ( $180) 1981

1986 Casio MG-510 MIDI Strat ( $300) 1988

1971 Yamaha FG380 12 String ($80) 1992

1996 Larrivee DG-01 ($600) 1996

1997 DanElectro Baritone ($320) 1997

1999 Angelo Strat copy (Thailand) ($60) 1997

1922 Vega (Washburn) Parlour acoustic ($450) 1999

1998 Gretsch Rancher Jumbo Historic ($200) 2005

1998 Frankenstrat (Left hand Warmouth Neck, Sustainiac Stealth, Internal GK-2A hex driver) ($1600) 1998

1997 Sam Ash Dobro Resonator ( $225) 1997

1997 Mellobar 8 string Lap Steel

2000 Musicman Axis ( demo R&D gift)2000

2001 Peerless ES-295 (Korea) ($225) 2001

2004 Variax 700 ($700) 2004

2004 Variax 500 ($500) 2005

2005 Gretsch Brian Setzer Nashville G6120SSL ($2500) 2005

1959 Gretsch Lap Steel

2006 Variax 600 ($720) 2006

2006 SX SJM-62 (Rondo Music) ($125) 2006

2006 SX SJM-62 24"short scale (Rondo Music)($125) 2006

2005 DiPinto Galaxie IV (Los StraitJackets) ($450) 2006

2005 Austin ES-335 clone ($180) 2006

2006 Traveller Pro

2004 Gretsch Pro Jet T.V. Jones PUs, w/ Bigsby ($500) 2006

2007 Yamaha SA-503 Troy Van Leeuwen ($350) 2007

2008 Gibson Dark Fire ( $3100) 2008

2009 Fender Kingman SE ($225) 2009

2001 Godin SE ($200) 2009

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I'm not worthy. Other than junk I've owned a '72 Recording Les Paul I gigged all over Mesa/Phoenix, to Lake Charles La., for 14 years, and a '96ish American Standard Strat. And the stuff in my sig. The Melody Maker I've had since 1969.


Murph (I'm not worthy).......

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Wow, my list is nothing like some of these!

Here's guitars of the past, at least what I can remember.

There were a few cool ones in there but most are gone for a reason.



No name 60's acoustic - real piece of sh!t, gave it away.

70's Fender P-Bass copy - cheap import, left it in a rented rehearsal space in Garden City, Kansas.

70's Conn Drifter Acoustic - Had a Willie Nelson-style hole in it from first wife's furniture placement.

1980(?) Ibanez EVH Super Strat copy - Cheapo guitar with a Floyd Rose, I understand they're worth money now...

Early 80's Kramer Stryker - decent Strat copy. Got it in lieu of a debt, gave it back when the money materialized.

1972 Martin D-35 - Sold it for a profit in 2001, never liked the huge V neck.

90's Applause Acoustic - Piece of sh!t copy of an Ovation, gave it away.

1999 Guild DCE-3 acoustic - great guitar, Maple body.

2003 Baby Taylor - Incredible guitar, gave it to the daughter of a lady I was dating.

90's Epiphone SG Junior - played and sounded okay, build quality was sh!t. Gave it to same daughter.

1998 Epiphone Flying V - heavily modified with Gibson pots/switches, Duncan pickups. Rocking guitar, sh!t wood.

90's Chiquita Travel Guitar - These things kick ***! Made by Hondo, DiMarzio humbucker, Schaller hardware.

2006 Gibson SG Classic - Great guitar, shoulda kept it.

80's Yamaha SBG-500 - Sounds more like a Les Paul than my Les Pauls do. I made a tidy profit on that one...

2007 Gibson Melody Maker - was gonna hot rod it, never had time, sold it for a huge loss. Cheap guitars don't pay.



2003 Gibson Les Paul Special - Our boy paid for that one himself cleaning pastures and working at the airport.

Alvarez AD-60 Acoustic - bought it for the boy as a Christmas present, great guitar for the money.

2004 Fender Strat Deluxe - bought it for the boy, exactly as he wanted it. NICE Strat!


The boy pawned all three after he moved out, he's now out of the guitar biz and doing rap "music."






Current collection, see pic below for most of them;


Gretsch Lap Steel

Kustom K-200

Peavey T-40 Bass

Peavey T-60

Fender Strat

Gibson SG 12

Danelectro 59 DC

Fender Strat HB

Fender Strat P-90

Guild Starfire III

Gibson Les Paul Classic

Guild Blues 90

Gibson 335

Fender Tele

Rickenbacker 381 V69

Gibson SG 61 RI

Gibson EDS 1275 Double neck

Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Goldtop

PRS Custom 24




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Some of you guys have lots of guitars...


here´s my few


70somewhat Framus acoustic with nylon strings

79 Gibson "The SG" my first real guitar, it went through a lot of mods like a P94T PU for example

85 Gibson Les Paul Custom HD-Sunburst

93 Gibson J-200 AN

97 National Style 0

99 Fender Mexico Strat "Chris Rea Signature" Fiesta Red

06 Gibson Angus Young Signature SG Heritage Cherry


That´s it!




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Do you have a picture Kurt - I'd like to see it.


The picture wouldn´t be the problem. But I don´t have no photobucket whatsoever account and don´t want one. So the problem would be to get the picture on the net. If you know a way without photobucket etc., let me know.





Edit: If you don´t know any other trick, I´ll put it in my avatar for you.

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just the ones in my sig as im 14 and only been playing 3 years...selling the v, a fender frontman 15 watt, a marshall dfx 15 watt and a bunch of old rare trading cards to fund an sg classic and an epiphone sg prophecy gx w/ dirty finger pups

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I don´t have no photobucket whatsoever account and don´t want one. So the problem would be to get the picture on the net. If you know a way without photobucket etc.' date=' let me know.





A Photobucket account is free and only takes a few seconds to setup. Then you can post all the pics your heart desires but whatever.


To each his own.

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Gibson SG with bigsby 1974 cherry

Gibson Les Paul Custom 3 p/up 1976 natural

Yamaha SG 1000 1979? sunburst

Ovation Deacon 1980 natural

Fender Squier Stratocaster 1981sunburst

Fender 12 string Stratocaster sunburst

Gibson Les Paul Junior 1959 ex natural

Gibson 347 1994 sunburst

Burns Jazz Guitar 1963 sunburst

Gretsch Superchet 1980 cherry

Gretsch Silver Jet 1957 model 2000 silver

Fender Acoustic natural

Yamaha Acoustic 2002? Compass North white

Fender American Stratocaster 2007 white

Gibson Les Paul 1959 VOS model 2007 sunburst

Gibson SG White 1961 re-issue 2007 white

Gibson 1954 Gibson Black Beauty 2007 Bigsby

Gibson Firebird VII 2006 red

PRS white model? 3 p/up 1994?

Hohner headless guitar (steinberg copy)

Fender Telecaster White 1996

Zemaitis copy

Fender Jazzmaster cream 1986?

Charvel 12 string black 1990?

Fender Stratocaster white 1980s

Aria bass 1984?

Takamine EG523SC 12 String Acoustic + case

Burny Les Paul with Fernadez sustainer+Floyd Rose

Epiphone Les Paul gold top '56 with P90's




I'm searching for an Epiphone Les Paul Junior '57 in tv yellow if any one wants to get rid of one (and send it to the UK)



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i'm 17 so not the worlds best collection, but i'm happy with everything.


(in order of being purchased with year of purchase)

1) Alpine 3/4 size classical acoustic. 1996

2) Epiphone Strat 2004

3) Galviston knock off Les Paul 2004

4) Epiphone G310 2004

5) Dean from hell baby 2005

6) Epiphone Les Paul standard 2006

7) Epiphone AJ-200 Acustic2006

8) Dean Razorback V 2007

9) Kramer randy rhoads looking v

10) crazy parts-o-bass my friend gave me to record bass parts with

11) knock off Tele i completly fell in love with at a pawn shop

12) Gibson Sg Standard


(i still have them all except the first one)

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From time started playing


Harmont:Piece of $h!t

04 Dean EVO: now signed by vince neil of motley crue

05 Epiphone LPJ:signed by Angus and Malcom Young of AC/DC

Ibanez acoustic:traded foe B.C Rich

B.C Rich SOB avenge:trade for tele

07 Fender special edition telecaster: traded for 89 strat


03 SG Standard

89 Strat


i still own these

04 Dean EVO: now signed by vince neil of motley crue

05 Epiphone LPJ:signed by Angus and Malcom Young of AC/DC


03 SG Standard: my main guitar

89 Strat: my secondary guitar

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2008 gibson slash standard

2006 59 reissue LPS

2008 59 reissue LPS

2007 58 reissue LPS

2003 1957 reissue Goldtop les paul

2008 Gibson les Paul custom

2007 gibson sg naturalburst

2007 gibson sg silverburst standard

2006 gibson sg 61 reissue with lyre vibrola(gibson USA)

2007 Gibson sg classic

2004 gibson es 333

2003 gibson flying v(moon cresent inlays)

2006 gibson explorer

2008 gibson firebird

2008 gibson melody maker

2006 epiphone g1275 doubleneck

2007 joe pass emperor regent

2005 EVH charvel art series

2001 Peavey wolfgang special

2007 prs custom 24

2008 prs mccarty korina

2006 prs custom 22

2007 taylor 514 ce

2008 gibson 1960 les paul special

2008 fender american standard strat

2006 fender 52 tele

2007 malmsteen fender strat

2008 fender road worn strat 60's neck

2008 jackson dkmg

2008 gibson es 137 classic

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