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Help with Les Paul Studio Serial and Authenticity

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Hi, was hoping some of you wizards could help me determine this guitar's authenticity.

Your guitar was made at the
Bozeman Plant, MT, USA
on September 18th, 2007
Production Number: 67

Serial from what I can see is: 02617067
or 02617057
Seller also states the info I found at guitardaterproject(GDP), he probably checked this resource as well. Seller didn’t really know more than the info from GDP

zinginstruments can’t find the serial, and lastly authorityguitar(AG) states that the guitar is in fact produced in Nashville. Both gitardaterproject and authorityguitar seems  to just return generic dating info without being sure that the SN actually exists. If I test 02007999 it returns Nashville for AG and Kalamazoo for GDP. The same result for other serials as well. 

What I find a little sketchy is that I can't find any Les Paul Studio's with this kind of burst from that year.
Also Gibson states that all electrics are produced in Nashville from (1989), although some may be produced other places.
Gibson also states that they started using 9-digit serials from 2005, but deviations occur. Can it be that the SN is missing its trailing zero? Seeing that the serial is off center?

I hope any of you can help, thanks.











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The guitar was made in 2007, but it should have been made in the Nashville plant. The acoustics are made at the Bozeman plant.

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