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1967 ES 330- Fake ??

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Hi Frank,

I used to have a '66 ES-330 and besides the wonky serial number yours looks spot on. The Gibson font on the headstock looks good for that year. An ES-330 is not a likely copy candidate. How long have you had it? Do you know any of its history? I still have a '69 ES-335 and it has the identical case. Your serial# does correspond to 1967. If I had to guess I think it was refinished. I can't recall ever seeing a late 60's ES with natural finish. Maybe someone stripped it all down and the serial#'s got too faded so they colored them in by hand, hence the sloppy look? I don't think Gibson did factory seconds until the 70's so I'm not sure about the 2 below the serial#. 

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Agreed also, a clumsy attempt by some previous owner to fill in or enhance the serial number figures.
Which is tragic, because it only brings into question the authenticity of the guitar, and therefore devalues the whole kit and caboodle.

The tuning pegs/machine head GIBSON DELUXE back covers look brand new as well.
Not a good or authentic look for a 1967 guitar.

If I were a prospective buyer, those two elements alone would cause me to hard pass on it.


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