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Help - Can't find info on serial number search

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Just got my first Gibson a Les Paul standard from Guitar Center. I get home and try to verify info by serial number and comes up unidentified on every Gibson serial look up I can find.

serial number is 122990201  also made in usa lettering seems kinda shallow and does not say the year under it like others I have seen posted with a serial starting with a 12


Any feedback greatly appreciated ......Kevin

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A update returned it.  Guitar played great but not throwing down cash for a guitar that can't be identified. Resale, trade in and piece of mind right out the window. 

Brand new ice tea 60's coming Monday. Finally after 40 years will own a Gibson (still love my G&L though the battle for #1)

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That's a 2019 number, Gibson USA went back to the standard serial# scheme with the 1st and 5th indicating the year and the 2nd-4th indicating the day of the year, with no model year stamp. So 122990201 = 229th day of 2019 (August 17th, 2019) , it's a shame it was returned for that but glad you have another Gibson coming your way! 

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