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Maestro vs Bigsby


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Hi All,

This is my first question on this forum. I hope to find some first hand experiences between these two tremolo systems.

Today I will receive an Epiphone Casino Worn Olive Drab from my favorite guitar store. Because I frequently use a tremolo on my current main guitar (a Guild Starfire III with Bigsby), I want to place one on the Casino too. For some reason I find the Bigsby units to look to massive on the casino, so I was looking to put a Maestro long vibrola on (with the cover removed to make it look kind of like a normal tailpiece).

My question is, how do these tremolo's compare to eachother (feel, stability, fit, etc.). Does anyone have experience with putting an aftermarket Maestro on a Casino?

Thanks in advance,


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On 5/10/2023 at 7:51 AM, Smeigel_12000 said:

There she is. Quite an amazing player acoustically. Tonight I’ll give it a go in band practice.

still curious about your opinions concerning the wright tremolo.


I’ve seen Bigsbys put on Casino’s (not sure how they do it cos there’s no support via a center block). But never seen a Maestro on a Casino. Maybe you can be the first? Don’t be surprised if in the long run the Casino’s top may have issues. Why do you think Casino’s ship with that trapeze tailpiece?

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