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?'s about my 335


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Hello all, I recently purchased a used ES335TD and have been looking into its history. I know that it was made in 1982 in Kalamazoo, MI, but I have not been able to find specific information.



The guitar has the word "Second" stamped on the back of the headstock under the S/N and was listed as an "ES335TD National "2nd" ". Can anyone tell me something about this National Second bit?



The guitar I have has a trapeze tailpece, 3-peice maple neck, and has two switches (one is a coil tap I believe) and has block inlay.


The finish is natural and all woods look to be maple.



Any insight would be appreciated.

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Oooh, got any pictures??


Are you certain about the year being 1982? I believe (and I could be wrong) that the last year for trapeze-tail ES-335s was 1980 or possibly early '81. By '82 the DOT reissue line (with stop tail) was in full swing. What's the serial number of your guitar?


The "SECOND" stamp indicates a minor cosmetic flaw with the guitar, and thus, a slight discountoriginally from the factory. My '67 ES-335 is a second, but it has the older indicator of a number "2" stamped (faintly I might add) under the serial.


**EDIT - Actually, I glossed right over the word "National" when I first read your post. I'm not sure I've heard of such a stamp...I'm curious what that's all about.

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Ahh, I understand the 2nd thing now, I had read about it, but understood that they marked it with a 2. No biggie.


I am not sure about the National thing, it was only on the hang tag, and is not stamped on the guitar. Just wondering why they added that particular word to the description. The year model I got from the S/N 82302022


I'll post some pics in a little bit.


Thanks for your help.

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Well, this confirms that Gibson was still making their "normal" ES-335 while they were making the DOT reissues in 1982. I had always thought the trapeze/coiltap 335 ceased being produced around 1980/81. Yours is the first from '82 I've seen.


I LOVE the natural finish! I am also a big fan of the trapeze tail. Many players prefer the stop tail, but to me, the open tone given by the trapeze is a very good thing. It looks good too.


Thanks for sharing the pictures...very nice!

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