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ES330 refurbishment

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Hi folks;

originally posted this in introductions but it may also be of interest here so here goes:


This is my ES330




The scratchplate is off as I'm still waiting on pup replacements and final detail work and polishing of inlays. It's one of the models produced where the neck joins the body at the 19th fret.


serial stamped in headstock is 803254. Currently waiting for the P90's to arrive it has a Gibson 57+ humbucker in it at the neck and the remains of an old humbucker at the bridge. Bridge and saddles are original, machines are replacement Kluson tuners (at some point someone had put Schallers on it so there was a little padding required to fit the Kluson tuner bushes). Even with the old Dimarzio pickup in the neck position the tone was great. With the humbucker in that place its fantastic. I look forward to seeing what the P90's are like.


When I took out the phase switches and reverted the wiring to the original schema I decided to use gold edged abalone inlays rather than plug it with maple and then try and match the finish. These two pictures are close ups of the inlays which are due final detail polishing.






This my 50th anniversary strat 50thAnniversarystrat.jpg


This is my telecaster style baritone:




Cheap tele copy off e-bay converted with a warmoth birdseye maple neck with rosewood fingerboard (the body is probably basswood) I put Seymour Duncan Alnico pro II's in it and I love the result. It's currently fitted with GK3 but I don't use it much


There's a rambling bit of stuff demonstrating the sound at www.artinerant.com "ramble on a minor 9th"


Finally I have a cheap(ish) Vintage fretless bass:




Which I think is maple neck on a Mahogany body with a fingerboard which could be rosewood but I suspect may actually also be Mahogany. Decent Wilkinson pickups , uncomplicated and unpretentious I have to say I amd impressed by this little bass.


I also own a Takamine for acoustic stuff.

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Beautiful 330, the color looks like my Ice Tea Burst 335. :-)


I am *very* interested in the dogear-to-humbucker conversion there, could you give more info on how to go about doing that? Does it sit flat on the dog-ears...so you just cut off the rest?

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