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hello all, I'm in France.


this subject was discussed a lot : I want to get a new pickguard for my 2001 SJ200.

I read on some topics that some of you got new pickguard from gibson factory.


How is it possible ???


I sent a mail to Gibson Service Customer : a guy called Benton Cummings answered that i have to mail to Europe Customer Service.

I mailed to Europe CS, they answered that they can't do anything.

Remail to Benton Cummings and he answered that I have to contact a local dealer.

Phone to local dealer, he answered that there is no pickguard avaliable.


So, is it yes or no possible to buy a new painted and protected Pickguard from Gibson factory ???


Many thanks for your help,

have a good day,


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Hi, Jean-Marie!!

I'm not sure what to tell you. I had a pickguard issue with my SJ-200 as well. 1st I called the 800, & was told "it's normal wear, & tear!!"

Pretty much, you're sh...t out of luck. Then I noticed the# for Montana, In the paper work in the guitar case. I called them, & they sent me a new pickguard, no questions asked!!

I'm not sure where the customer service emails are going, but if they're not going to Montana, that might be the problem!! I "never" bother with the 800 #, because those people are in Nashville, & I have never found them to be helpful.

I know calls between France, & the US are expensive. Maybe someone has the email for Montana? If not It still might be worth giving them a call.

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It is possible. My SJ200 came without a pickguard and I decided that I wanted one. Gibson sent me one pretty much straight away.


Gibson Customer service were great to deal with. However I had to make the request in writing (email) and I had to include the guitar's serial number. Good luck.

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thanks for your answers.

This is the mail I used first : service@gibson.com . In the answer of Benton Cummings

Gibson Customer Service, the phone number begin with 800. So it seems that there is the same situation as you !

On the paper in the case, I have the phone and fax number of Montana division : 406 587 4117. If I don't find their mail, I will try a call.


I bought the guitar used, so the warranty does'nt applied to it.




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I bought my SJ200 used as well. It's an '04 I got in '06. The flowers were a little faded - the one or two nearest the soundhole the worst. Then, I saw a brand new one in a Guitar Center with the pickguard worn exactly the same way. So, I decided mine was just right. Good luck on your quest, and congratulations on your excellent choice in guitars =P~

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