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Well, I learn something every day.......Harley Davidson Guitar????


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Well sure, why not. There are web pages full of Chinese products and guitars are one of them. All you have to do it buy 100,000 units and get a decent price break and they will ship them and you can do whatever you want. They'll put HD logos on them or special pick guards. That is what Esteban did. Who ever heard of him before the TV commercials?


Where do you take your Esteban to get warranty service? You don't. But then the local luthier is down the street and can do most things for a price. So Esteban made his money.


Most of the under $500 guitars are just a large "lot" purchased in China and sold exactly how it comes out of the container unit. They put it in a box and distribute it. Maybe yhou get a gig bag and a pick and a guitar strap. Costco sells them, Guitar Center sells them -- and they all look the same except for the logo!


Well OK the EXPENSIVE ones are also made in China.. by a robot (a CNC machine) but they are "finished" in the U.S. Things are added (hardware, strings, saddles -- not much but a little) and they are distributed. I'd guess most of the hand-fitted gingerbread items are done in the US and final inspection. ALso the expensive ones (like Gibson, Martin) have their own specifications (thicker wood, bracing, finish, etc. )


Taylor makes Baby's in Tecate (a plant .. NAFTA) Taylor makes most of their premier models in El Cajon even yet. CNC machines though)


Also materials change -- laminate versus solid wood, the quality of gold or silver plate, quality of tuning machines, quality of everything -- it is the name of the game.


THEN WE (individuals ) get it and we take it to the guitar shop and THEY do 10 or 15 things and you are maybe $200 away from the guitar you finally WANTED. I do not care what brand. So that is ALSO part of the cost-cutting industry today. It is simply a necessity to keep the brand going -- any of them.


BUT still I would rather have a Gibson AND they are better. So are Martins -- but I do not have one. So are Taylors, Collings. And there are some mighty fine models between $500 and $1500 and some under $500 that are impressive too. I just bought a Washburn D10 for $100 (Craigs list) -- a couple tanks of gas or one birthday present for a daughter. (or grand daughter).


Grand sons are easier -- wheels and it is great. Females ALWAYS compare what they got versus what the next one got -- and NEVER buy them the same thing! They always check even the finest detail.


Same seems to be true of mens suits, shirts, acessories -- cheap. household items, furnishings, golf clubs, other toys ... and certainly COMPUTERS and computer relative things.

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".... Females ALWAYS compare what they got versus what the next one got -- and NEVER buy them the same thing! They always check even the finest detail. ..."


And THAT my friend is why womens' furnishings are more expensive. My wife groused, just this week-end, that womens' shorts were 50% more expensive than mens'.


Why? Because women all want something different. A quick survey in men's wear in the local big box store, revealed there were exactly 7 choices of mens' shorts on the rack. That included one style in 3 colors. The womens' wear section revealed uncountable styles and colors and shades of colors..... That's why their stuff is so high priced. They don't make enough of any one thing to get any economies of scale. If I show up to a party and 5 guys are wearing the same khaki shorts.... I doubt any one of them would notice. If my wife has a pair of shorts, her sister's new husband's daughter wore 3 months ago.... who won't have a chance of being there... , she has to set it asside and make another choice.... while I sit in the drive-way waiting for her.


The inverse is true for guit tars. I don't know why. We is what we is.

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Yeah I have two daughters a little more than a year apart -- so I learned quick that they always do a fast comparison. I had two S.O.'s (at different times) as well and THEY always compared with the daughters. I had two sisters and THEY always compared. Now myu grand daughter does it. (She has brown eyes -- but oh how fast they turn to GREEN -- with pupils like a cat). HERS is bigger/brighter/more expensive/nicer/longer/yada/yaada THAN MINE! No. yes! Hers is different! Mine is different. (Meanwhile the grandson is playing with his wheels or a train and munching away on ONE caramel -- happy as can be). Love 'em all. But definitely keep the jewels out of a vise.


OH God yes -- sitting in the driveway waiting (for them to get ready) THEN sitting in the driveway waiting for them to stop talking (about whatever it was). But don't you be 5 seconds late when she is getting off the plane or the train or whatever it was she was doing.


"Why did you go down 4th street?" "what is wrong with 4th street?" "we never go on 4th street.. so why did you go today?" "I just did, I did not think about it." "What's on 4th street? Are you looking for something?" "No, I just turned onto 4th street" "Oh come on therehas to be a reason" "No, no reason" (then she is getting mad -- so give her a reason "Ok there is nice guitar on 4th street but I cannot remember the address, that's all."


Better if she's doing "I said to her ...." and then she said to me... (that way the focus is not on what you did.


Every man experiences this in some way. My second S.O. .. i'd tell her "wait, let me get a yellow pad and take this down..." and then she's realize she was "doing it."

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