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Is Tronical Dead?

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Does anyone know if Tronical has gone out of business? The lights are on at their website, but no one is home. The "We reply immediately" chat function is a ghost. Their "Shop" page neither posts prices nor allows "Add to Cart"... and emails to Chris Adams go unanswered. The most recent online posts are about 5 years old and generally only announced their court battles with Gibson. Are any Tronical employees/friends on here? I can't help but wonder what happened. Tronical has to have quite a few units out there. Curious... they just ghosted us. 😕

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Yes. I tried emails to the company address... I tried several times to use the website's "Chat" function. (to no avail) I even tried Chris Adams' (founder) email address which I had from when I ordered replacement parts back in 2013 or so. Nothing... just ghosted.

Gibson, tuning gear company settle dispute
I found this article that talked about Gibson settling the dispute with Tronical in which they supposedly paid Tronical 4.6 million.

"The agreement also calls for other claims between the parties to be set aside, for lawsuits to be dismissed with prejudice and for Gibson to be able to dispose of its remaining Tronical tuners as it sees fit."

"Other claims" That could involve a number of things... did the settlement compel Tronical to cease & desist making tuners?

OR... with all the headaches the Gibson/Tronical relationship generated, I wonder if Chris simply decided to "take the money and run".  Curious.

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