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Dating J-50 från the 1960s


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I need help dating a 1960's J-50. (My feeling is that it is a1966.)

It has round shoulders, the smaller nut width, plastic adjustable bridge, and the serial number is 854333. The pickguard is missing.

I guess the main confusion for me is the plastic bridge, that I though was gone by -66.


Unfortunately someone also installed a pick-up with knobs and all in the mid 70s, but that's a different story...

Any help would be very appreciated!


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The only thing I can tell you is the hollow plastic bridge was not a thing of the past in 1966 as they were still a feature on the  L-1, B-25 and such.   That, however, was the last year they were used.  So, while I have never seen a slope shoulder jumbo with a plastic bridge built after 1963, it is not without the realm of possibility that Gibson, wanting to go through their remaining stock, slapped them on guitars where you would not expect them to be.

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I agree with both of you.  The plastic bridge shouldn't be there but they probably had a couple laying around and this guitar for some unknown reason got unlucky... 

The rest of the specs seem too much 'post -63/64' to make it anything else than a -66 I guess.  Unless they tested narrower nut width etc earlier on some examples, but then the serial number should have been earlier too. Oh well. thank you for your replies!

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The skimpier nuts were a result of Gibson installing new automated neck machines in 1965 which was part of what would be their last factory enlargement.  But Gibson had a long history of being a waste not, want not company.  In the 1930s they would on occasion build "floor sweep" guitars which were assembled with whatever parts they had left over. Jumping ahead you still saw slope shoulder jumbos leaving the factory in early-1969 as they were using up the remaining stock of bodies.

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