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Never thought I'd want to buy a vintage guitar...


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...but I do. After deciding for the last 8 months that my next guitar will undoubtedly be a 1962 Strat RI, I've suddenly changed my mind. I was in a local vintage guitar shop the other day (just for kicks) and the owner showed me a 1965 all original Epiphone Olympic. (for those of you who don't know, it's got a thin mahogany body, two single-coil pickups, two volume, two tone, set neck, etc. can't post pics at the moment.) I have to say that after comparing it rather vigorously to the Strat, I like it a whole lot better. And it's the same price - roughly $1500 CDN. the Epiphone doesn't have the natural compression that the Strat's pickups have, but the feel of the guitar is just amazing. (insert SRV quote here: "it just feels real good.") maybe it's the nitro-finished neck on the Strat or the worn-down frets on the Epi after being played for 40 years, but I'm just in love with this thing. I'll make sure I post tons of pics once I get it. (I just have to buy a keyboard first...)


on another note, who here thought I had left never to return?

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