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What glue was used on Epiphone neck joints?

Jon Press

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I have an Epiphone doubleneck (a G-1275 type but 1990s rather than the commoner 2008-2010 one)  in for repair which needs neck resetting to correct impossibly high actions. The tenon is full measure rather than narrower than the fingerboard as on Gibsons I've worked on before. It's going to be a major job, including a full refin, but before I start can anyone tell me what type of glue would have been used? I'm hoping it's something like Titebond as used on Martins since the 70s whcih at least is removable using heat/steam etc. Any help gratefully received!

Jon Press JP Guitars, Bristol England

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Is it MIC, MIJ, MIK or? Were there any built in the USA at that time? It’s anybody’s guess.. Could be anything from Hyde glue to Super glue.

You might get more knowledgeable responses posting this one in the Gibson Lounge…

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