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Real Les Paul? (Vertical Stripes)

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In this video, at 7:00 we get a close-up on the guitar. It's obviously a Les Paul, because of the color of the knobs, pickguard, and because the humbuckers look artifically used, I assumed it was a Custom Shop : 1960 Les Paul Standard Reissue.

I don't know which color it is though, if you guys know I'd appreciate the inputs (also if I got the wrong model)

However, the thing that strikes me is that on Gibson's page, the stripes are horizontal, but on the video they're vertical, does that mean it's a fake?

Here's a close-up picture.

I'd appreciate any help 🙂


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Posted (edited)

Those 'stripes' are just the natural grain. Its the right way round.

The stripes on the Gibson page are 'flame figuring'. This normally runs at 90 degrees to the natural grain, and that's what you see there. The LP in the vid & your close up has no figuring. Its just a regular grain and is perfectly normal.

Most people value the figured tops. Personally I don't much like them. A subtle quilt figuring is nice, but flame figuring is overused IMO (just look at PRS guitars !)

I'm not sure what the name of that burst finish is but its a nice one. This link wont ID the finish but may be of some interest https://www.guitarguitar.co.uk/news/141774/

I'm sure if you're patient someone will happen along and ID that burst for you. Good luck.



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2 hours ago, merciful-evans said:

Good luck

Oh thank you! Didn't know the post had been posted before my account was accepted.

Thank you for the help regarding the grain. 

So this means it might or might not be the Custom Shop 60, but with a figuring that doesn't appear on the Gibson website (as of today, I checked all Les Paul afaik), maybe it could be customized by the guitarist's liking?

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The 58 reissues are excellent guitars but beware that they usually come with a huge neck. Personally I’m not a fan of the huge neck but I’ve seen some made with the “Carmelita” neck profile which is what I’d personally be looking for if I was buying an R8

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