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1997 Tal Farlow with buzz at tailpiece

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Wondering if anyone can help me an issue I'm having on a 1997 Tal Farlow model.  I'm getting a buzzing at the tailpiece.  I think it's coming from the Tal Farlow wood name plate attached to the tailpiece. 

This nameplate is currently floating/sliding and not permanently attached to the tailpiece.   I'm not sure if it should be or how to correct the issue.  Thank you



Screenshot 2023-06-01 185629.png

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Do you have a friend or compatriot who can press down on the name plate while you play the guitar?

If the buzzing sound goes away, that's definitely it.

And if so, a small dab of any good craft glue should hold it in place and eliminate the buzzing sounds.



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Thank you sparquelito for your suggestion.   I have narrowed it down to the nameplate by doing what you suggested, and the vibration is definitely coming from the nameplates interaction with the tailpiece causing the vibration.   I will give it a small dab of glue to keep it in place.


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