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Radio Or Other Noise Getting Picked Up By Your Amp

Sgt. Pepper

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Well, most of us are still using old tech. 

When I researched the Fender TC90, the warnings abounded about the noisy SD P90 pickups. It was a known issue. It would likely be awful through my Fender gigging amp.

But I plugged it into the Yamaha THR30 which is a home amp with design colab between Yamaha hi fi and Line 6 modelling. It was quiet as a mouse. Another reason I prefer digital.

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Years ago, we were having band practice at Bob the drummer's house.

Not too far into warm up and tune up, I realized I had a problem;
My old tube amp, a Tubeworks TD-752 Tube Driver  (100 watt, 1x12 combo amp) had picked up a vexing, steady clicking noise.
It was distracting.

So I walked around Bob's house, turning off and turning on lights, lamps, fluorescent overheads, you name it.
Bathroom ventilation fans, on and off.  Tried a different wall plug, and a 110 strip with a surge protector.
Nothing I did or investigated seemed to make the problem go away.

Finally, I asked Bob if I could unplug his wireless internet router.
"Sure, I won't need it during practice. Go ahead."

Unplugged it, and bingo bango, the clicking noise went away.
Problem solved.

After an hour of practice, we heard a bit of an angry shout from upstairs.
Bob's grown son (recently arrived from Germany) had been sleeping in, and now was up and about.
And was not happy.

Bob grinned. "Heh. Lucas can't get on the internet and watch his morning porno. Too bad!!"

It was funny.
I guess you had to be there.

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