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Doubt with guitar lowered one tone

David Lee Jones

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Hello forum!

For some time now, in addition to playing, I've been singing and, just as I sometimes use the capo to transpose songs by raising the pitch, I have the need to lower it. Usually a tone, and sometimes a tone and a half.

What I usually do when lowering it is just to transpose it directly. But, of course, that implies certain limitations that are out of the question. So I have thought about having a guitar (acoustic) that is always lowered one tone with respect to the standard tuning. That is to say, that the sixth string is in D and not in E.

With this context, I would like to read opinions and advice from people who have opted for this possibility and who can recommend me things like the length of the neck, the body of the guitar, the thickness (and even brand) of the strings. And also, if relevant, also some specific brand or model.

My most usual styles with the acoustic are blues, folk, rock and pop.

I hope I'm not overlooking anything. Any information you see missing and necessary, just let me know and I'll include it. Thank you very much in advance.


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I keep all 3 of my guitars (SJ200, H'Bird and J45) in DGCFAD and have for decades.  Don't play with others often, but sticking a capo on the 2nd fret to match their standard tuning doesn't seem to cause confusion.  I had to tweak the truss rod on the SJ200 once with a set of Light strings. Other than that - no issues.  Started doing it to decrease the tension (easier on the neck and fingers)  but now only keep it up because I really prefer the tone and the lower range for singing.   Need a bit stiffer pick.  First set of strings that really stood out - after countless experiments - Elixir Nano Phosphor Bronze  .12 - 53s.    But, just like every guitar is different - every player is,  not to mention their ears !   G'Luck !!

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Hi - just tune down and go from there, no big deal. If some buzzing appears (which probably won't happen) give the tr 2 minutes toward the treble side tuners.

                                               Have Fun

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Sounds like you are overthinking it all.  While I have never subjected the music loving world to my voice, while I keep my 12 stringer tuned down 1 1/2 steps as it is a matter of survival, I often keep my 6 stringers tuned down a whole step or depending on what key I am playing in go with Drop D or Open G6 tuning because it frees up my left hand and I like the sound.  I have yet to find a guitar no matter what the scale, body shape, or whatever that has proven an exception to the rule.

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 Have been tuning most of my acoustics down 2, D Standard, for many years with no problems. It is easier on old guitar necks too. I first heard of it learning some Lightning Hopkins tunes...he supposedly tuned down 2.

The only guitar that didn’t like tuning down was my (short scale) Martin 000-28EC.....which stays in standard tuning and actually feels a lot like the other long scale guitars tuned down!




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