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Incoming (Gibson USA Music City Jr. with B-Bender)

duane v

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Since it looks like we are gonna be doing some country shhhstuff as part of the list, I purchased the below twanger. Actually I cant wait to play around with it..... Gotta brush up on my rockabilly finger picking again.



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1 hour ago, Big Bill said:

Wow, nice Gibby there! I never seen one of them before.  I have to check this one out more!


There's no talking you into a Fender is there? 🤣

LOL.... I'm good with Fender, I just think their USA made instruments are over-priced. And I really don't like Fender amps. For some reason there's a tonal frequency in every Fender amp I have plugged into that makes my teeth hurt. I can't explain it. 

But I need a guitar that can give me a lap steel effect. 

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On 6/17/2023 at 3:09 PM, Dave F said:

I've had two Fender Tele B-benders. To me, they're like 12 string guitars (I've had a few). I like them at first then they set around un-played afterwards.

I saw and heard Albert Lee on "Sweet Li'l Lisa" and after that I had  to get one.    I went to California to visit friends and buy mine from Gene Parsons in 1980.    He got a '67 Tele via Fred Walecki at Westwood Music, and installed one on that.  

I'm lucky that I still have it 43 years later; at one stage I sold it then had to go and buy it back.   The pickups are original though the neck was rewound by Kent Armstrong,   It's been refretted twice and the board relacquered during that time. It was my main teaching guitar for a decade.   

Having a B-bender on a Tele is like having a trem on a Strat IMO.    But I agree that like on a 12-string, you really have to put in the time to be able to incorporate it into your playing.


In my Strat case in this photo - original case is black tolex and Fender logo with tail [thumbup]

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