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I was a big fan of Deep Purple, but not of Whitesnake. Only recently I learned Jon Lord and Ian Paice were there... until Coverdale fired them, because one day they went to the horse races instead of coming in for practicing for their new album.

Bernie Marsden did play with Lord, Ashton and Paice in one album. Top-tier musicians.

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Here in the link down below is Bernie with Whitesnake in 1982, playing a Fender Stratocaster, in the video for the original version of Here I Go Again.
Bernie co-wrote the song with David Coverdale, and it was a minor hit back then, off the Saints & Sinners album. 
Jon Lord on keyboards at the time, and Ian Paice on drums.

(The song exploded again a few years later in an updated version of the band and song, with the classic video of Tawny Kitaen doing cartwheels across Jaguar automobiles. )

The twin lead guitar solo with Micky Moody at timestamp 3:06 is quaintly elegant.
And Bernie had some Jazzmaster-type switches added to his blue strat here.
Curious what those were about.



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18 minutes ago, Farnsbarns said:

I'd pay £1M for the beast like a shot if I had it. Even if I had to liquidate.

My first thought was it's too cheap. I think it would go much higher at auction but I'd love to own a 59 and that is one of the best known 59s there is. Pretty sure someone with cash can enjoy that for a few years and get every penny back, and some, further down the line. 

I'd lend it to any legendary LP player who wanted to gig it as well. 

Its no longer listed..  And its just gone, no sold sign...

Some are saying Joe B is gonna buy it as he apparently borrows it whenever he is in the country...  Either that or it was just there to help advertise the listing maybe?????

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