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Do you know these models ? National 1155 ? 

I saw one from 1951 for sale, apparently it has a Gibson j50 body. It has a beautiful sunburst, different from the Gibsons. 

It is price around 3000$. I can't try it It's too far but in search of informations. Is it really the same body entirely as the j45/50 ? 

Thank you ! 

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Yup I have played them.  The first National 1155s from 1947 into 1949 had both a J50 body (most of which sported a National sprayed brown burst) and a set neck without a truss rod supplied by Gibson.  The last one of these I ran across was maybe three years back when it was offered to me for sale.  Those made from later in1949 until the contract went to Kay to provide bodies guitars sported Gibson-made bodies but with National Stylist necks which were adjustable and built with a metal core surrounded by a wood veneer,  As is not to be unexpected, the early set neck guitars are the more sought after and so will command a higher price than the later version.   

In the end it will probably come down to how you feel about the neck.  Not only how it feels but how the guitar responds and sounds.   Because I have not gotten my hands on one of these in close to 15 years, I can only go by what I recall which is not always reliable.  By the way I know folks who have bought the later version hoping to swap out the neck.  From what I gather though is it is not happening as the neck joint is cut very differently.  

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