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  • 11 months later...

First post here, sorry if this is a repost, but persuant to finding my brother a top-quailty (CANADA!) case for xmas, I did a quick yahoo search and came across this page.


Since the beautiful white-lined Canada Cases are listed as discontinued on Musician's Friend, I went ahead and did what any intelligent person would do, I went to the source. I called Gibson's customer service line, and spoke to Benton(I think that was the guy's name, anyway), and he informed me that Gibson has decided, as of around six months ago, that THEY WILL NO LONGER OFFER GIBSON BRANDED CASES FOR SEPARATE PURCHASE!!!He also told me they now just refer folks like me to tkl directly.


I would go ahead and say that this seems to me like an incredibly boneheaded decision, but what do I know. It is frustrating, though. eusa_wall.gif


So what is currently the cheapest place to get a good LP Hardshell Case?


Does anybody know anything about the tkl 3325? I can't seem to find any info on it on the web, and there is no pic or anything on tkl's site.


Also, I am assuming that the tkl 7825 is the top of the line one currently available, correct?

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Does Gibson sell the guitar case for the Les Paul seperately? Or' date=' would Musician's Friend or Guitar Center carry it? Or would I have to look at an after market case? I am looking specifically for the Canadian made case that comes with the Les Paul.



Beware of counterfeit sellers asking where they can buy a Gibson case.

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Here ya go, guitarest. Also here's the link to this info. http://www.gibson.com/en-us/Support/FAQs/#


To set your own combination;


1) Choose 3 digits which you can recall easily-address, phone, birthday, etc.


2) Press the button in a direction toward the dial with your thumb and hold with your other hand (Use point of ballpoint pen) rotate the dials to the desired setting. Then, release the button.


3) Your lock is now set to open on the three digits engaged at the time you release the button.




4) Accordingly- NEVER rotate the dials with the button held open UNLESS you make careful note of the dial setting upon release of the button.


5) The manufacturer is not responsible for damage resulting from misuse, abusive handling, or failure to follow instructions.


Remove the red arrow before setting the lock.


* Please note:


Make sure to cut down the red plastic pin before operation.

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I like my original case with the flap but it looks like the flap was discontinued. Does anyone know why?


Shrouds (the Flap) bunch up and arguably cause dirt etc. to be rubbed up against the guitar causing scratches. even more importantly to some they get caught in the seams causing the case to bind or not latch securely so they quit using them on most cases.

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Funny I can set up secure networks for clients like Doctors Offices' date=' Pharmacy Companies, Clients all over the US and have no idea how a 10 dollar lock works..... [/quote']


You need an eleven year old to do it. Just like the VCR. Otherwise bigbends has the answer for you.

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