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Grab your knobs


Which are your favorite volume and tone knobs?  

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  1. 1. Let me know which ones work for you.

    • Strat style
    • Tele style
    • Gibson Speed knobs
    • Chicken head
    • Vintage Gibson style
    • Witch hat

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What are your favorite guitar volume and tone knobs?

The ones that feel right to you, the ones that you can adjust on the fly, mid-song, and everything just works for you?

There's no right or wrong answer.
I'm just curious.

You can choose up to 3, for those of you with commitment issues.


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My Matsumoku factory ES335 knock-off has "Witch Hats", and my Solo Music Gear kit guitar uses "Speed knobs".

But if you don't mind, when it comes to knob grabbing, I prefer when The Lovely Missus RBSinTo  does it, rather than doing it myself.


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First, Gretsch Pro Series Style are my favorites.. Easy to turn up & down with any finger on the fly…

Next, Tele.. The 3 Way Switch can be a nuisance at times..

Third, Either Gibson Vintage Style  or Speed..

Fourth, Strat.. 

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Great poll post Sparquelito! I am a Gibson Speed Knob fan (as on my Explorer), despite having Vintage Knobs on my SG,  Strat Style on my G&L, and Tele Style on my Bass. Does anyone else notice how Speed Knobs allow you to make far more/greater "adjustments" with far less hand/finger movement  than other styles?? (obviously due to the larger circumference of the speed knob at the top)  I tend to use the top edge of speed knobs with the side of my right hand ring finger, (not sure why, but I do), and a little movement (up or down) goes a long way.  Trads and Strat Styles seem to be less efficient for me.  Knob locations and configurations play a big role in the ergonomics of different guitars, thus making certain knob styles more/less efficient depending on said.

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The 1968 Reissue LPs have the best knobs I call "witch hat" knobs.  They have the nice gold reflectors on them too - IF you get the LP Custom flavor I have (Triburst LP Custom 1968 RI).  Other finishes have these too, but Gibson isn't always known for their consistency. 

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3 minutes ago, surfpup said:

Hey Ron! You in FL yet? Hope you and the missus are doing well.

We are good thank You very much, and we hope the same right back.

No, Florida off the table.  Took us almost three years to do it, but in the end we had to. Too much keeping us here.  Not where we are now here, but up by Philly here, so still looking, but at a much better pace.  


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When I had electrics I liked the knobs that were classic for that model. Strat's had one one with the numbers on it, and tone and volume so I don't get confused. Tele's had the big silver ones. Speed Knobs or the Vintage ones on Gibson's. Witch Hat will do on some ES's. 

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On 7/14/2023 at 9:11 AM, Notes_Norton said:

I like Tele knobs because they are easy to feel without looking. But I don't like them because when I need to look there is no marker to let me know how far it's turned up or down. So I put a little sliver of tape on top and I get the best of both.



I have come to realize that I really don't much care whether knobs have numbers or not.

I will set things with a roll of the palm before the start of each song, and go from there.
It's not like, mid-song, mid-set, I have the time (or good vision) to even read the numbers in the middle of things.

A quick feel, a quick turn, and all is well.

Your reference marker tape though is a good idea!
One of my amps (a home build) has that.


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Back in my electric gigging days, I preferred speed knobs for the ease of rolling them up/down. My '79 SG has them, and I gigged that guitar a bunch with a Marshall 1/2, and also later a Fender Prosonic (Zinky), then the Boogie and or both. Another reason I liked the Studio Les Paul's, still have one in fact.

My reference was always "wide open" and I'd back down enough to keep a sound guy "honest".

The Gibson top hats took a tad more effort/thought, but I never looked at them for the numbers, I'd just "feel" my reference point.

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