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2009 changes on 50th Les Paul 59 reissue


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Can you confirm all these 2009 R9 Changed Features: (from Guitar Sale site)


Nylon 6/6 nut

Improved ABR-1 bridge (no-wire, tighter tolerances)

Historically correct nickel-plated brass bridge saddles

Correct alloy saddle adjustment screws

Bridge height adjusting thumbwheels now steel, rather than brass and are thinner

Neck profile changed - now has less "shoulders"

Audio taper CTS pots

'50s wiring

Pickup routes adjusted so that pickups will be parallel to the strings

Top carve changed to be closer to several original '59s that were scanned

Body perimeter change - slightly tighter in waist, cutaway area refined to be more like originals

The maple cap is very slightly thinner, the mahogany body is very slightly thicker

The fingerboard is slightly thinner

The step from neck heel to back of body is taller and more correct

The taper of the "maple window" under the binding in cutaway is more accurate

The maple spline (filler strip) in the tenon is more accurate

The edge radius on the backside of the body is tighter (less rounded)

The "mustache curve" of the headstock top has been flattened slightly

The control cavity plate has been relocated, has the correct side taper, and now uses the correct ABS plastic

The pickguard shape has changed slightly

The pickguard bracket and screw have been changed

The truss rod cover has been reshaped to be more accurate

The serial number location is slightly lower and more correct

Dial pointers are less sharp

The strap button screws are longer

The jack hole is now the correct 1" diameter

The toggle switch nut has more correct knurled pattern



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