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MIK Casino upgrades

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I've got a 05 MIK Casino that for a long time have been pondering changing out the guts. Also been thinking about Lollar P-90s but want to keep the chrome covers. Has anyone swapped out their wiring and pots and switch, what's your take on it

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The only thing I've done to my 2002 Casino was replace the switch.  The factory switch didn't last long at all.  I made the mistake of buying an official Gibson switch, which didn't come with the recessed nut for mounting.  The Gibson switch uses SAE threads and the Epiphone uses Metric so the Epi nut didn't work with the Gibson switch.  Had to spend a few extra bucks to get the correct nut.   In hindsight I should have bought a Switchcraft.  They come with the recessed nut and are good quality switches.

Still have the factory pickups and pots and have been happy with them.  Oh, and the E fell off the pickguard pretty early on so I just removed the pickguard to semi-Lennonize it (mine's a natural finish).

Guitar mods make fun projects; I hope you do well with yours.


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