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1967 Gibson Dove Adjustable Wired Tune-o-matic Bridge Nylon Saddle Replacement Questions

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Hello everyone, the nylon saddles on my 1967 Dove adjustable wired tune-o-matic bridge are broken. I tried to fit in metal saddles to replace them but the metal saddles (thread size 4/40) do not fit the original saddle screws.

I also tried to replace the saddles also with the saddle screws from a Stewmac wired ABR-1, they would fit in the original adjustable wired tune-o-matic bridge but unfortunately they are a bit small and would rattle around.

May I ask if anyone know  where I can find nylon saddles (or any other types of material) that would fit the original adjustable wired tune-o-matic bridge saddle screw?

May I also ask if anyone knows the thread size of the saddle screw of the adjustable wired tune-o-matic bridge?

I wouldn't mind to also replace a new set of saddle screws to facilitate replacement of more common sized saddles (as long as they won't rattle like the StewMac), if you know where can find them, I will really appreciate your help.

Thanks for the help in advance!



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