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2005 Music Rising Les Paul

Brian Ross

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Im hoping someone can help me. I just purchased a Katrina Music Rising Les Paul from a major auction site. The seller stated that the guitar had a certificate of authenticity.  When I received the guitar case candy was included along with the packaging checklist which included the number of the limited edition 1-300.  The seller is saying that the checklist is the COA. 
I disagree.  I’m hoping someone can settle this dispute. I purchased one of these shortly after they were introduced back in 2005 and seem to remember that it had an official COA card. Unfortunately I had to sell my first one due to divorce. Fortunately I found this one but without the certificate I know it will definitively hurt the resale value.  Any information appreciated.



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Looking on Google I see at least 3 of these for sale, between $3k+ and $9k.  The case candy the best ones have consists of 4 items; a checklist with the serial and model number, a warranty, an owners manual, and a card with instructions for the case combination locks. 

None of the advertised examples I have looked at mentions or shows an actual COA, which would have been quite big.  I have a 2004 Gibson with a COA which is approx 12" by 10".  

You could try contacting Gibson support (see drop-down menu above) but I don't know what the criteria are for them to answer your enquiry.  They do not issue replacement COAs.

Having said that, these guitars are so distinctive with the unique-to-each paint jobs, engraved scratchplate and the handwritten "xxx of 300" on the back of the headstock that I don't think there would be any question re the authenticity.

Good luck!

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