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How does the factory intall wiring harness?


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I have new ReWind Electric pickups and harness inbound for my Custom Shop 64' ES-335. I've watched about six how-to video's through the body/bridge pickup cavity w/wire, tubing, string etc. How does the factory do this? Do they have some sort of jig that collapses internally? No clue but I doubt they are using string or wire to do this. But what do I know? Thank you!

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I have the same tool/wire w/jack for the output jack. What's interesting that I see is he just stuffs all the wiring in without the string/tubing/wire to feed in. I also have a tool that allows you to get under the pot and lift up to put the nut on. That looks like what this is happening here. I'm pretty sure what takes a local tech one-two hours these guys do in minutes. Like the old adage where someone pays the plumber $150 for a job that takes five minutes. The reply is: "It took me twenty years to learn to do this job in five minutes"

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