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Gibsons cherry color over time darker or brighter?


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Hi everybody, I recently bought a used 2022 J 45 standard. It is the cherry red model. I would have prefered sunburst but it was an amazing deal.  I wouldn't be bothered by  the red if it would be just a litte darker. My question is, how does Gibsons cherry usually change over time?
I know it will take years. But anyway does it get brighter/lighter or darker? 
And what causes the effect of getting brighter or darker?
And sorry for my English I´m not a native English speaker...

Thank You 

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This is a good question. Guitars with the red analine dye will fade to lighter as the dye fades away. Guitars with non fading red dyes should probably get darker over time as the lacquer yellows


It seems like my 2006 SG has gotten a little darker, I’d have to take off the pickguard to see

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I guess the answer is some do, some don't. 

Obviously not Gibson acoustics, but I've seen some cherry finished SG's fade considerably and pretty quick in some cases. My 2019 SG Standard '61 w/ Vibrola appears to be getting more orange and less cherry over time, despite living most of it's life in the case. 

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Congrats on your Cherry J45. I jumped at one as soon as they started offering it as a standard finish. 

As far as your question goes, I think one of the other posters hit it right when they said it depends on the dye used. Vintage SGs fade to brown due to the aniline dye they used back then. As far as the more modern ones go, the more modern cherry SGs seem to darken. I’d assume that our 45s will do the same, more likely due to the nitro yellowing/darkening as it tends to do. 

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You'll probably get used to the red loooong before it changes hue, , , if it does.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 There's a chance the nitro-laquer will yellow over the decades, but the paint itself will remain almost 100 % red.

Back in 1964 Kalamazoo used a cherry pigment, which turned out to be weak. That's why we see guits from that year fade into orange, sometimes a kind of warm J-55 brown.                                                                   It's one of those details Bozeman has not tried to retrofy, , ,  though it actually would be fun.

                                                                                                                                                                                                  Your issue is understood - wonder what will happen. . . 




                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       You could transform into a nite-player. [cool]

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