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Hey, Dem00n....


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**** you oilpit!


I clicked on the link and forgot that my speakers were turned up and i freaked out because it was loud and it's kinda late here and peoples are sleeping so the household probably got to hear the first little bit of a stupid slipknot song.




EDIT: I just watched it (with headphones) and I have to say: What the hell was that! For me it was a mixture of laughter and pure ridiculousness.

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Slipknot is amazing....

Sorry Harmo...


Eh' date=' It's ok. I managed to get the sound turned off before the screaming part.


Slipk[u']not[/u] is not amazing.

Go listen to some real music like Opeth, The Melvins, Isis, Tool, Kyuss, QOTSA, Mastodon, AIC, Pink Floyd etc. etc.

Eh, to each his own though I guess.


I do have to say that the Legos were a nice touch. It was pretty funny.





oooh shitknot, I like that Damien. hehe

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I don't like slipknot at all... sorry Mike... (I hope it's ok to call you mike' date=' or is it a jp wannabe privilege? =P~)[/quote']


Thunder, you can call me WHATEVER you want....:-s


As for the SLIPknot haters, you have to understand, I HATE metal, but these guys just do if for me, I love them...

idk why everyone hates them more than all the rest of the crappy metal bands...

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