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EL34 vs 6L6

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Very simple stupid question I'm sure but, which tubes sound better with a Les Paul Standard playing stuff like GnR and Aerosmith, Zepplin?

From what I understand 6L6 are more for Metal, and EL34 are better for Hard rock. 

I went out and Bought an EVH 5150 50 watt head, and not really getting the warmth I was looking for, but plenty of crunch, and now I'm thinking maybe go more simple with a DSL 40. Maybe a simple Marshall would be best for what I want.

My main guitar is a Gibson Les Paul Standard Slash model. 

I know everyone had different thoughts on what they like, but I'm looking for some advice on if switching for EVH 6L6 to Marshall EL34 is a good idea.

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From what inunderstand the EL84 tubes are kind of like the kid brother to the EL34 tubes. I never had a good marshall tube amp.....but I do have a Friedman 20 watt head with el84 tubes. Now mind you i just got into this friedman amp stuff however......the guy David Friedman was the Marshall mod guy in his area of  CA before he got his own brand up and running. This thing I have sounds like a Marshall on steriods...just flat out bada$$.  


So with that said I also had a Fender super sonic 60....I think it has 6L6 tubes if I am not mistaken and it was the best sounding fender amp for high gain I ever heard. Wish I held onto it too. 


I have a mesa 5:50 express combo as well. It has 6L6 tubes in it. It is a very good sounding amp. 


So here are the differences according to my own ears.

6L6 tubes seem to have more a bass and midrange sound....not very bright but well balanced. The EL34 seem to have more midrange and Treble response. 

I don't know of this helps you or not. But....maybe it will somehow. 


Good luck!!




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