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Any information about banjo FON 3077-78

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I have a banjo that was owned by my father in law. I don’t much about it except it was supposedly purchased from Earl Scruggs.  This is what her mother swears.  Whether or not this is true is anyone,s guess.  It is a great sounding banjo and I much enjoy playing it.  The list I’ve seen has this banjo possibly from the 50”s. Any information anyone can add would be greatly appreciated.  



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I know there was an Earl Scruggs model, maybe there is a bit of confusion.  Granted I’m late to the thread, but in case you haven’t already found it,  check out this page. His FONs don’t seem to go as low as 3, (I didn't’ plow through everything) but check out the image of the 9xxx trio.  The inlay of the one on the right sure looks similar to yours.  You might have a really nice little piece there.  Congrats, if it pans out to be a pre-war in playable condition.  http://www.banjophiles.com/index.html Good luck on the search! 

EDIT: Of course did one more search on banjohangout and found a post saying there is a 3077 series of PB/TB/RB 1xxs in the 1950s.  Didn’t see pics though to compare.  If you just search 3077 there, you will get some hits.  

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