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Learn Music Technology/Audio Recording at Home

Just download and Read all the free Power point presentations here:




How to Make Your Electric Guitar Play Great!: The Electric Guitar Owner's Manual by Dan Erlewine












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Proper procedure for string and pin placement on acoustic guitars.

(Note: quote corrected for spelling)


There is a slot in the pin or a slot in the bridge.

This allows the string to pass through.

The ball-end does NOT sit under the pin end' date=' but under the bridge/soundboard.

The pin merely locates the string.

The bridge takes all the tension. [b']NOT[/b] the pin. NO pin should EVER be lifted by the string.



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I have been looking into other books on live sound besides Fry's (see my dunkworld post above) and have been mightily impressed by Bill Gibson's The Ultimate Live Sound Operator's Handbook.




This book is well written and very good at explaining how to get a great sound, as well as how the bits work. It comes with a DVD that provides audio or video demonstrations of the topics he discussess.


I also bought a copy of the Yamaha reference but on first examination, I am getting the impression that it explains lots of technology but is not strong on what to do at the gig.



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