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G U E S T is back


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Californiaman - this delusion you have about being stalked by guests.....

.....am I sensing some kind of paranoia here. I mean - it can't be TRUE, surely?


Dagnab it - he's here now - probably stalking us ALL.


Maybe the mods could, er, ban him or something. For stalking. Yup -that should do it.

Ban all guest, Guest, GUEST, GuEsT and gUeSt - even guest,


Must dash - medication calls. Bourbon or Rye to wash it down. Who knows, maybe wine, or whine, whatever. Smoke. Gonzo journalism. Damn, wrong thread - wrong thread, man - way to go - wrong darned forum man, wrong place entirely. Pump the tyres up to 50psi and drive out into the desert..... fast as you can, drive like the wind, damn these hallucinations. Don't look..... he's here again.....



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