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mold on case, musty smell removal?


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I've seen some talk on here about this type of thing, but it was more angled at acoustics and hollow bodies... I didn't know if anyone had a suggestion specifially for an electric and the V's and Explorers...


BUT... I pulled out my Flying V last week and the case (none on guitar) was covered with mold. Probably had been under the bed for about a year. Cleaned off, but musty smell STILL permeating room.


Explorer was in case right next to V's, but no visible mold, but inside smells VERY musty. Smell is actually now "wafting" into the hallway in the house.


Any recommendations on proper cleaning/killing of the mold and/or must smell on the cases and inside?





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Is it really sunny where you live? After the Katrina flood, lots of people claimed airing out rugs in the sunshine helped a lot. Scrub the outside of the case w/ bleach, obviously, & let it get tons of direct sun (opened up wide). Google 'mold abatement' & 'mold remediation' too. Hope this helps.

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I agree.


take some bleach and dilute it about 5 to 1 and swab the affected areas.


Rinse off withwater and let it dry in the sun - plenty of sun will kill the mould spores and the bleach should take the smell away.


My dad is a chemist and recommended the above.


You should get some good strong sunshine where you live.



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