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Happy new bicycle day around here.

A few weeks ago I sold off an elderly mountain bike that was never quite right for me, ergonomically.
And so today I found myself in Sports Authority, looking for some Aguila Super Colibri's. (No luck there, sadly.)

Somehow or another I ended up looking at bicycles.
And then so test-riding a bunch of them around the store.

Finally came home with this new Mongoose Spire.
27.5" rims, front suspension, and disc brakes front and rear.

Just got back from a 45 minute ride, a neighborhood shake-down cruise.
It was nice.
Looking forward to working some bike riding into my cardio routines.
Swimming is great, but I need to branch out.

I mounted some battery powered lights on there, made by Bell.
LED headlight and tail light.
Very nice.





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Nice! I have an old Cannondale that I've somehow managed to keep over the last thirty some odd years. I ride it occasionally downtown and then realize that I might prefer the ergonomics of a beach cruiser moreso now than that of a mountain bike πŸ˜†

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23 hours ago, Sgt. Pepper said:

I still ride my mid 90's hard tail Specialized Stumpjumper.

I rode a Nishiki back in the mid 1990's.
Loved that bike.

Have no idea what I did with it.
Probably lost it in the divorce.
Along with my dignity.
And a LOT of money.



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I have always been an avid bike rider, and my daughter is really into it as well. I have an early 1990's Trek 6000 with lots of upgrades and accessories.Β  My daughter has a Trek too, but I am not sure of the Model number. Here are some pics of our trip to Big Sky Montana, where we put the bikes, (and ourselves) to the test, and rode down mountains. (Chair lifts take riders AND bikes up the mountains at Big Sky, btw.) Lots of fun and real danger from Bear, Moose, etc., on top of the obvious fall/crash associated dangers. (Not for the faint of heart!!) I also included a You tube vid of a guy with a go-pro filming the trails at Big Sky.Β 



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