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Looks great' date=' retro!

Is this your first guitar purchase in 2009?

If so, you're slacking :) [/quote']


Nope I'm no Slacker it's the fourth but I sold six so the herd is going in the right direction at least. It's the first new one though the others were a 68 a 71 Recording and a 78 that looked showroom.


Yep this is a MF buy it without being able to try it, purchased without playing one. First time in a few years, but I really wanted the satin finish back and neck, non chambered body and the coil Tapped 57 and BB this came stock with hell that's almost a perfect guitar without a single mod!. I decided to take a chance and try MF again since they do have a good return policy and I'm glad I did. This guitar is as close to perfect as you can ask for great neck with a silky feel and a really nice plain top with great vintage burst. The set-up was a little high for my taste (typical out of the box) but other than that great set-up even clean intonation and the Plex machine did a really nice job on the frets feels perfect out of the box with just a simple bridge adjustment. I'll still make a bone nut and do a set-up but it's not really required I'm just picky as hell after all these years.


I really lie the tone and playability also and honestly I'm really liking the coil tap on the 57, I hate words like silky used on pickups but I can't think of a better word to describe it...

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