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30 year player, first Gibson


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Hello! I am new to these forums but have long been a fan of Gibsons, however I have only ever really played Epiphone Les Pauls, ES-335s and 355s, and the odd Casino. While also owning a Sigma and a Guild, and maybe some others over time. And a Mandolin or two. But recently I finally decided that it was time to treat myself and placed an order for a Gibson Custom Shop ES-355, the dream guitar for me. Now the long wait begins, as the build time is quite a bit longer that I had anticipated. 

So naturally I'm excited and digging in everywhere I can to learn more and prepare myself. And I'm already looking at two more Gibsons that will be next on my wants list. 

And now this is my saying hi to all of you fellow musicians! Nice to meet you all!

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Oh yes! I'm about a month in to a LONG wait, but yeah, I very excited for it. Been doing loads more research etc, just to keep my brain occupied. 

I would like a really nice acoustic, so of course I was considering if a Martin would be feasible, but I'm also interested in a natural J-150 or SJ-200. Aside from the sound, I love the look, especially with the stripe down the neck being so visible. But, this would be the number 3 want. 

Once I have the 355 (unless a good price and look comes up sooner) I'd like to get my Epiphone Les Paul Standard replaced with a similar looking Gibson. It's my oldest Guitar, well, maybe second oldest. Much like me as a player, it's going on 30 years. I love it. It was a gift from my parents, so I'm not sure I'll part with it, but I would like to see what a proper Gibson version would look like. I'm told mine is an Iced Tea burst, but I think it's either that or a Burton Burst. Korea made, and still plays great! 

I'm sure, like many here, I could list guitars all day, but for now, these would make me happy. 

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