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Gibson Les Paul Custom repairing cost?

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Hey guys, I'm a complete beginner when It comes to guitar restoration and repair. My father died in 2020 from cancer, and left me his Gibson les Paul custom. It's a really beautiful guitar but he has owned it since before I was born, and because of that it's not in the best shape. Mainly the fretboard, which he "scalloped". I really want to restore it, and I was just wondering if any of you had experience with this, and how much it would cost to get it repaired by a luthier? And if I just want to have it "serviced" like fix some of the electronics, how much would that cost? I really want to be able to play it, instead of having it just sit there.  

This is just an image grabbed online, but its essentially the exact same guitar, made in the 2000´s just in worse shape.


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That's going to be expensive.   Scalloping can't be filled in, it will need a new fretboard which will then need fretting.   LP Custom boards are usually ebony.  The binding will have to be stripped off and when replaced you probably won't have 'nibs' - the bits of binding which cover the fret ends.

Suggest you take some clear photos of the scalloping and any marks/scratches.  If there are any issues with the electronics note down what they are.  Decide also if you want the whole thing refinished. 

Then search online for luthiers and guitar repairmen around your area and start by emailing them to enquire whether they can replace the fretboard on a LP Custom.   Or you could use the drop-down SUPPORT menu above to contact Gibson and ask them. 

Take care, be cautious and talk to more than one repair guy.  It will not be cheap and you need to find someone with experience for this.

Good luck [thumbup]

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