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Welcome aboard Bubbalowe.  Just went through a similar situation with a shotgun.  Gave it to my brother for safekeeping at a time when I was moving around a lot about 40 years ago and finally made the effort to get it back.  The impetus behind this was that I have recently purchased a shotgun as a gift for my teenage grandson, who has recently taken an interest in bird hunting.  I had my shotgun retuned to me so that we could hunt or do some skeet shooting together.

Oddly enough, I bought him an electric guitar for Christmas back in 2012 (at his request), thinking that it would be something for us to do together.  Unfortunately, he never took to it.  Then, frighteningly, several years later, he went over to the “dark side” and became a drummer.  Oh!  The humanity! 😀  Not a total loss though.  He is taking a bit of interest again in guitar.  And I also play bass, so we can always jam as a rhythm section.

in any event, as Ceptorman said, there are a lot of people here with a vast amount of knowledge who are more than willing to share it.  

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