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Help with the serial number and color ID


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I recently purchased this used and I am having a heck of a time trying to figure out the serial number. The model type, color, and year also are important to my insurance (I have everything added to my insurance, after I had two vintage Gibsons stolen while in college). Any help is appreciated, plus this is a learning curve for me as this is my first headless guitar. Thanks for any help or leads (FYI I have looked extensively online at the two main sites, it’s no help)



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17 hours ago, r2bflash said:

You have a picture of the serial number. Hard to tell color, looks in-between cherry burst and tobacco burst. Steinberger Synapse ST-2FPA TranScale Custom

Thank you for the info! I cant seem to find the printed serial number listed anywhere so that I can provide a date. This is such an amazing guitar, I hate selling it, I don't care about the dates, etc, but potential buyers want all the details (which I get). I am overall super bummed, I severed the nerves in my pinky and ring finger of my left hand, and even after 2 years of PT, I am never going to have the reach and dexterity I need. So am selling most of my guitars 😞

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