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I am an old folkie and I like to bang around on an old Yamaha acoustic in my man-cave. My repertoire, such as it is, includes Gordon Lightfoot, Cat Stevens, Jim Croce and even Peter, Paul and Mary (I’m not kidding when I said I’m an “old” folkie).

Recently, I was entrusted to look after and to enjoy a 1959 ES125T, and a 1967 Gibson Thor bass amp.

The guitar, which is in its original case, is in very good condition and plays beautifully. The amp, which also is in very, very good condition (clean, like you wouldn’t believe) blew a fuse the first time I turned it on. I have asked around the guitar shops where I live and the story I seem to be hearing is that given its age, it will require “a complete re-build”, including capacitors, fuses, the works.

I cannot find any information in the way of service manuals or anything technical on-line. As it is, right now, I don’t even know how to remove the front cover to see whether it has 10-inch, or 12-inch speakers. A quick feel through the fabric tells me they are 12s but I couldn’t say whether they are dried out and shot, or whether they are still in good condition.

Nor can I figure out how to get at the tubes so I can see about getting them tested. Since the fuse is blown, there is no way of knowing whether the fuses would light up when I turn the amp on.

I am playing the guitar now through a small practice amp but I would at least like to hear what it can do with the Thor. I am hoping the people in this forum might be able to provide me with information about the guitar and especially the amp.

I am also interested in vintage instruments, not as a collector, or as a great player, but just as somebody who likes to see and read about what the musicians of yester-year were playing.


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