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Opinions on what looks like factory blemish on this Epiphone?


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Hi all,

I've been wanting to purchase an Epiphone ES-339 Ultra in Pelham Blue and have found one for sale.  Seller says electronically everything works great, which is important as I know this model is known for some quality control issues.  

The seller says there's a slight finish blemish where the neck meets the body.  When I asked about the blemish, they said it's "Not a crack, looks like just a factory cover up but no impact on structural integrity."  Here's a link to three photos of the blemish: https://imgur.com/a/ipte8DZ  The first is just the photo, the second I've circled what I think is the blemish in the photo, and the third I've also circled what looks like a crack in the finish.

For anyone willing to give their opinion: 1) First off, do you think seller is correct and this isn't a previous repair of the neck to the body?

2) So if it is a factory blemish, how common are such blemishes on Epiphones?  I would think it's rare for this model as it's Limited Edition Custom Shop and originally sold for around $800, but I honestly have no idea or much knowledge about Epiphones.

3) The reason I'm mostly asking question #2 is that the seller wants $700 for it and these on average go for $500-$525.  So with the blemish, I'd think the price would most likely be below average and that this guitar was maybe even b stock when new, unless these sorts of factory blemishes are quite common on Epiphones.  Maybe that would explain the asking price as there doesn't seem to be much wear and tear, nicks and dings, etc. at all on the guitar.  In essence, I'm asking you Epiphone connoisseurs, do you think the blemish is no big deal??

4) It occurred to me that maaaaybe the Pelham Blue color is more rare on this model so that perhaps drives the price up?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out with this!!!  If the issue is just cosmetic I'd like to make an offer on it.  I mean, this is the model and color I want and I don't know when another one will come up for sale again.


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That's a tough call. I think that type of blemish is more common on Gibsons than Epiphones. I've seen that type of blemish on a couple Gibsons and the factory said the guitar is fine structurally. Is there anyway to try the guitar out for a week to see if it holds a tune?

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with it being at the joint, i'd say it's probably a fairly tough spot to polish without messing something else up. totally normal quality stuff with epiphone and i wouldnt think twice about it. you're not going to get perfection for $700 but you'll get a good guitar. 

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