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Beautiful guitar. What kind of wood is that? Beautiful grain. Nice fretboard. Art. A piece of art. I like the white fuzz too. But I'd take it any way it came. put a lock and a chain on that case. Call your homeowners insurance and keep copies of the pictures. play it Only for royalty.

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The only thing I don't get, and they did it on the Diablo SG's too, is why do they give you the better guitar in every way, but limit your options with only one volume and one tone.


I seriously was thinking about a Diablo the gold one, but I just couldn't get over the limitations with only two knobs.


That said, I'm not trying to take away from your beautiful guitar. It's awesome.

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Thanks again everybody. I must say she is stunning but I am really blown away by the sound. I really didn't know what to expect but the sound is so clear and, I don't know, focused. I think she sounds better clean any guitar I've ever had but kick in the OD and look out! The sun is due to make an appearence today so as soon as it does I'll take some more pics.


I didn't A/B it against another SG. My wife wanted to buy it for me so, nothing left to do but order!


And I will be calling my ins. co. later today after I get some decent pics. I always insure my ax's but thanks for the reminder.


I think the limit of one vol and tone pot is due to the shape of the cut out. No good place to put another set of controls. Having only one set is going to be great for me. I frequently use both pups but balancing them is a headache. Now it should be easy ...


Intersting story behind getting it -


I called the store (Huber and Breese) on Tuesday and was talking to the owner about ordering. He said he was thinking about ordering one for the store anyway but wasn't really sure yet.


Called the next day to put down a deposit so they would order it, talked to the owners partner and he said he would put the order in.


Called yesterday to see if there were any problems getting the order in, talked to the owner again, he said the guitar was already there. I asked what did you do, over night it? He said, naw, after I talked to him on Tuesday he called Gibson and ordered two. He knew he'd be able to sell them both whether I wanted one or not. Pretty fast delivery eh? He let me choose which of the two I wanted.

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